booming grooming pet salon
booming grooming pet salon

Booming Grooming Pet Salon Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my pet be there?

A full-service grooming process takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. However, this time frame may vary depending on the size and condition of the pet, or on the volume of activity in the shop.


What is the process for a full-service grooming?

We begin with a nail clipping, ear cleaning and plucking, and sanitary clip of the pet's private parts. Then we brush and de-mat the hair, bath, dry, and fluff the hair. Next we perform a pet haircut to your liking and top of your pet with a refreshing long lasting scent. Finally no grooming is complete without a bandana or bow to finish the job.


Can I stay with my pet during the grooming?

We find it best for the owner's not to stay during the grooming process. The pets seem to relax more without the owner to focus on. Also, the work area remains safe with only employees present.


Do you groom cats?

Yes, but there are some felines which will not allow themselves to be professionally groomed. We are able to make that determination.


What kinds of breeds do you groom?

Generally all breeds and mixes of dogs & cats.


Do you do show cuts?

Show cuts are for show dogs. Our client base are general dog and cat lovers who like to keep their four-legged family members neat and clean


Do I need an appointment for just a nail clipping?

No, just a nail clipping is part of our walk in services, but we do ask that you call in advance to see what the wait time is.


Do you cage dry?

Absolutely not.

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